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Membership Information and Contract

This Membership Information and Contract (“Information and Contract”) regulates the membership conditions and legal notifications for the free membership of the website of Leatherport Deri Ürünleri İç ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi.

Company information:

Title Leatherport Deri Ürünleri İç ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Address Yenidoğan Mahellesi 45/3 Sok No:6/A Zeytinbrunu İstanbul
Tax Office and Tax Number Zeytinburnu VD. - 6080935337
Chamber of Commerce and Registration Number 127099-5
Mersis Id 608093533700001
Telephone (+90)212-546-34-62
FAX +(90)212-546-34-62
Bank Account Information USD:TR61-0003-2000-0000-0062-5015-49

Our company is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and is subject to the profession relevant rules of ITO. You can learn these rules at or call center number 444 0 486

For the establishment of this Contract, it is enough for you to enter required information completely and accurately, setting a password and completing the approval and activation procedures created for security purposes.  More clearly, for the establishment of the membership contract, you are requested to enter the required information, set a password, read this text and confirm by clicking on the box that you agreed after reading. At this stage, you need to choose which method you allow our company to contact with you.

After the completion of your membership process, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you have written indicating that your membership process has been completed and including this Information and Contract you have accepted. In addition, you can access the relevant content in form on our Web Site at any time (The text will be printed/draft Membership Information and Contract).

If you notice after completing your membership process that the information you provide is incorrect or incomplete, you may make the necessary corrections on “My Account” section after logging in to the Web Site or you may contact with our customer service to request the corrections.

The e-mail address provided by you shall be deemed to be your legal notification address in respect of any notification made under this Agreement, and any notification made to this address shall be deemed to have been received by you one day later. Please note that if there is a change on this address, you will need to update the email address in the My Account section or contact with our customer service.

You may terminate your membership at any time without any reason and without paying any penalty. If you submit your request for termination of your membership in writing through the communication channels specified on our Website, the related transactions will be made. Our company, if deems necessary, has the right to cancel the membership without giving any reason or notifying the reason to the Member.

Our company has the right to change the membership conditions unilaterally if necessary. There is no obligation to notify the member in this matter. These modified terms will be effective on the day that they are published on our Website.

We remind you that you will be responsible for any damages incurred by our Company due to false, incorrect or contrary to facts information you enter when you become a member of the Website.

You must not share the password you set when you sign up to the Website with third parties. Otherwise, our company will not be held responsible for any damages incurred by you due to the use of the password by malicious persons.

As a member, you are responsible for backing up correspondence within the Website.

All risks related to access to and use of other web sites on the Web Site that are not under the control of our Company belong to you. Our company is not responsible for the content of these sites and other links they contain.

Our company owns intellectual property rights and licenses of all images, brands, logos, trade names, general appearances, designs and other information, pictures, brand, DanielK brand, computer software that we provide on the Website. These rights are under legal protection and cannot be copied, modified, reproduced, installed or distributed on any other computer without prior permission and referring. All or part of the Website may not be used without permission on another website.

In any dispute arising from this Information and Contract, the Member accepts and undertakes that all information and records held in all digital and written records and database of our company shall be binding for him/her, and constitutes definitive and exclusive evidence; within this scope, in accordance with Article 193 of the Civil Procedure Code they constitute evidence contract.

The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she has read and be informed from the moment he/she has started to use the Website by approving this Information and Agreement.